Discount Solent Yacht Charter

Discount Solent yacht charter and cheap bareboat special deals or offers at short notice can be found below. You will notice from our prices that we offer exceptional value on our standard yacht charter rates which come out below the ‘guaranteed lowest’ published prices of many of the discount yacht charter and special yacht charter offers of other companies. We do not inflate our yacht charter price so that we can then use discount tactics to encourage custom but offer realistic and affordable year round yacht charter prices for the Solent, based out of the Hamble river on the UK South Coast. We’d be surprised to see lower prices!

When looking at price factor in convenience. Bear in mind some of the negatives that relate to some marinas and the frustrations that this causes.

Travel difficulties of other charter base locations – we are 15 mins from Southampton airport / Parkway railway station with direct London access, 3 minutes taxi ride from Hamble train station and just 7 minutes drive time from the M27. We are mainland based – you don’t have to travel through a town or city and suffer the traffic problems to get to us and you do not have to wait for a ferry and tote your luggage on your back. You can park literally 10m from the pontoons and we have ample free parking on site with 24hr staffing for piece of mind at our MDL Mercury base on the Hamble.

The close proximity of the Hamble River to the central Solent means no huge distances to cover to get to open water or locks to negotiate. We have a 24 hr tidal access – all states of tide. You can victual at the 24hr Tesco Superstore just 5 mins drive away.

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