Sailing Yacht Hire Charter / Cruise – Includes Skipper


 Sailing Yacht Charter / Hire in UK (Special Offer) includes Skipper

Yacht Hire / Charter and Sailing in the UK, from the Hamble River, Solent, UK South Coast on this special offer discounted yacht charter / hire with your own Skipper included. All with the safety of having your own Private Professional Skipper (Captain) on board your modern 37 feet yacht to help guide, mentor and teach you the art of sailing. Great for families and friends. Great opportunity to have a break and sample the experience of life afloat! No previous sailing experience is necessary!

Skippered Yacht Charter Hire Offer

  • 37ft Yacht – 3 double cabins (9 berths total)
  • Accommodation Aboard (for up to 6 persons)
  • Professional Skipper
  • Safety Equipment
  • Gas
  • Free On Marina Parking
  • Location – From Hamble, SO31 4HQ

We have some weekend and longer yacht hire periods on offer below! Grab a few days on board your own private sail boat with your own skipper / instructor. Ask for other dates… Check out Yacht Sailing Day Hire Charter Special Offer Discounts 2022 up to date offers here

2022 Yacht Sailing Discount Reduced Offers – Hamble SO31 4HQ
Grab a few days on board with your own skipper. Ask for other dates…

Solent Discount Learn to Sail Yacht Experience Days
Discounted Sailing Days Make Great Fun Times!

Private Sailing Yacht Charter Hire / Offers (including Skipper)
May 28 Saturday – £700 Save £425
May 30,31, 1 June  1 day – £695  Save £100 / 2 days- £1195 / 3 days £1785

1,     1 day – £695 Save £100
June 15,16,17 1 day – £695  Save £100 / 2 days- £1255 / 3 days £1795
June 2,3,4,5 Jubilee BH Special    1 day – £795  / 2 days- £1555 / 3 days – £2195 / 4 days – £2585 Save up to £195
June 20, 21, 22 23    1 day – £695 Save £100 / 2 days- £1255 / 3 days £1795
June 27,28,29,30  1 day – £695  Save £100 / 2 days- £1255

July 3           1 day – £895 (Sunday) Save £330
July 23/24   2 days – £1650 Weekend Special Save £100

Special Reduced Offer Family Yacht Charter with Skipper
Family Yacht Charter with Skipper

July 25-29   5 days Holiday Cruise £2595 Save £195
July 25-31   7 days Holiday Cruise £3595 Save £145
30/31   2 days – £1650 Weekend Special Save £100

22-25   4 days £2375
Sep 6,7,8      1 day- £595 Save £130 / 2 days- £1095 / 3 days £1575

We have space in August too! Grab a week long sailing holiday exploring the West Country.


Extras: Fuel £20 per day for Solent use, any non home berth mooring fees pay direct for lunch stops / overnights. If you would rather not clean down after your charter and save the time for sailing please add the optional £95 clean down fee. You do the washing up and take your rubbish off and we will do the rest.

Though our Yacht Cruises and Day or Weekend Sails are not ‘a RYA course’, we teach and coach continuously normally with brief and debrief every day. We believe that continuous learning and development is important and fun. However if any of the crew do not wish to be guided or take part they are free to ‘kick back’ and relax. The Skipper and rest of the crew will sail the boat.
You will see from our many testimonials that people do value the manner in which we impart knowledge. See testimonials here
See our Skippered Yacht Hire Charter page here.

When & Where: 
From MDL Mercury Yacht Harbour, Hamble that has excellent facilities with 24 hr staffing, restaurant / bar and ample free on site parking.

Yachtforce Family UK ChartersWhere We Go:
We visit various ports in the area and depending upon the time of year, the weather and people’s previous experience.  So, we look at the weather, tides and wind together to decide upon our overnight destination and lunch stops. Along the way we will visit places of interest, explore rivers and creeks and moor up or drop anchor for lunch. 

Solent: In the West Solent you can expect to visit places such as Yarmouth or Lymington, Cowes, Beaulieu River and Newtown River. In the Central Solent ports such as Southampton / Portsmouth and Chichester Harbour or Bembridge in the Eastern Solent.

Further Afield: If you hire a yacht with Skippper for a few days we can go West to Swanage or Studland Bay where we can anchor during the day or overnight if conditions are suitable. Poole harbour is a huge inland sheltered area and has a variety of marinas that we can visit and overnight at with ‘walk-ashore’ moorings in several different marinas. We can also go Cross Channel to France or the Channel Islands with the correct level of sailors on board or we could add in a 1st Mate for peace of mind.

Bucklers Hard ShowersOvernight Moorings:
At night we will normally moor alongside a pontoon giving access to the shore-side marina facilities with excellent showers / toilets / laundry facilities and 240 volt power hook up. Costs are between £45-£54 per night or £19 – £25 for a ‘short stay’ at lunch-time. Anchoring is generally free or sometimes £15.

Sailing Skills:
The sailing is suitable for novices and first timers as well as those with more sailing experience and if you do not want to partake then you can just kick back and relax.
We get absolute beginners where we teach people to take part as an active member of the crew, people wanting to ‘refresh’ their skills perhaps having done a Day Skipper course, those wanting to gain experience for their flotilla holiday right through to Yachtmaster standard coming on board – everyone takes something away with them. If there are particular skills that you would like to practice we will do our best to accommodate you. As well as the physical sailing aspects we usually include reefing whilst sailing, heave to, MOB etc, you may do some pilotage for port entries and we work on buoyage and light recognition, mooring and anchoring techniques – and then the ‘easy methods’ that our skippers utilise in everyday sailing.

Family Sailing Yacht Hire UKAs an Example:
Beginners could be taught specific rope work skills and learn to steer the boat, the more experienced aboard may want useful tips for when ‘short-handed’ sailing. Advanced sailors may be asked to moor or leave a mooring under sail, focus upon sail trim and some even practice using an asymmetric spinnaker if we have sufficient skill sets on board. Everyone gets ‘hands on’ experience during their time afloat if they wish it. You get to be fully involved in the running of the boat and a chance to helm. Simply do as much or as little as you like. Build up some experience, learn and we can teach you elements that you may be weak in, coach and inform you. Couple the above with good company, good food and a convivial atmosphere on board – and life is good!

Family Sail to France with Skipper
Solent Day  Sail Yacht Charter / Hire Itinerary:

Great for a special occasion or an experience day  If you sign up for a ‘Day Sail’ and have hired your own yacht with Skipper (Captain) this is an example of what you can expect. (If you wish specific learning for consolidation of skills / refresher event please contact us and we will create a day specific to your requirements.)

Meet our the Skipper at MDL’s Mercury Yacht Harbour where there is ample free parking and excellent marina facilities including on-site restaurant and bar called the Gaff Rigger
We issue any wet weather clothing that you have hired. Any early arrivals can have breakfast or coffee locally in Hamble (just 1 mile from the marina) where there are cafes and eateries overlooking the River Hamble.

Sail to the Needles, Isle of Wight
Sail to the Needles, Isle of Wight

The Skipper then accompanies you to your yacht yacht and gives a comprehensive safety brief before slipping moorings and you can enjoy the beauty of the historic river Hamble slipping quickly into Southampton Water past Calshot Spit into the middle of the Solent opposite Cowes on the Isle of Wight. There is a fantastic amount and array of interesting sights to see in addition to the task of learning to sail.
The skipper then teaches you to sail, giving all on board the chance to take a full and active role in all aspects of sailing the yacht including helming (steering), sail trimming and navigation or alternatively sails you over to the Isle of Wight with plenty to see along the way. We may stop for lunch in Osbourne Bay for a swim stop for the brave, in the Beaulieu River (New Forest) or possibly in the Medina River (Cowes Isle of Wight) depending upon your preferred lunch stop. We then return late afternoon to Hamble.

Either a ‘Bring your own Picnic’ at anchor or we stop for a ‘short stay’ at a marina and you go ashore for lunch (at own cost).

Yacht Hire UK with CaptainExample Solent ‘Day Sail’ Yacht Hire Itinerary:
0930 – Meet & Greet – Issue any Wet Weather Gear
0950 – Slip Moorings
1020 – Sail Down River Hamble / Sails up / Get Involved
1100 – Beverages / Snacks Aboard / Sail to Isle of Wight or Beaulieu River
1245 – Lunch Afloat / Ashore (any short stay mooring fee is payable by client)
1400 – Sail Return to Hamble
1630 – Moor Up / Depart

Example Solent 2 Day UK Yacht Sail With Skipper – ‘Go West’ Itinerary:
If the tide is close to ‘Springs’ and you have hired your private yacht with Skipper we may be able to sail up to the Needles on the Isle of Wight and stay overnight at either Lymington in the New Forest or Yarmouth on the West of the Isle of Wight. We can eat ashore in a range of pubs or restaurants. The shore-side facilities at these marinas are excellent with great showers / toilets. We can then sail back East with the tide the following morning for lunch at anchor in Osbourne Bay (Queen Victoria’s favourite swimming spot!) off East Cowes before returning to Hamble later that afternoon. Feel free to bring your swimming stuff!

Sail Around the Needles, Isle of Wight
Sail Around the Needles

0930 – Meet & Greet – Issue any Wet Weather Gear
0950 – Slip Moorings
1020 – Sail Down River Hamble / Sails up / Get Involved
1100 – Beverages / Snacks Aboard / Sail to Isle of Wight or Beaulieu River
1245 – Lunch Afloat at Anchor in Picturesque Bay (any short stay mooring fee is payable by client)
1400 – Sail Onward to either Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) or Lymington (New Forest)
1630 – Moor Up for Cockpit ‘Sun Downers’ / Overnight Stay

0950 – Slip Moorings
1020 – Sail East to Osbourne Bay / Swim Stop
1245 – Lunch Afloat at Anchor in Picturesque Bay (any short stay mooring fee is payable by client)
1345 – Sail to Hamble
1600 – Moor / Depart

This is just a brilliant opportunity to get afloat, learn new sailing skills or just kick back and relax.

Please do get in touch now. For latest availability and any special offers for your Yacht Sailing days or charters check with us!

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Yacht Hire UK Includes Captain SkipperYacht Hire UK Includes Captain Skipper

Yacht Hire UK Includes Captain Skipper

Yacht sailing weekend in Solent UKYacht Hire UK Includes Captain SkipperFamily Yacht Hire UK Includes Captain SkipperSail Around Needles Isle of Wight UK